Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Think twice before you trust these two sisters....

To clear up rumors...

"Elle" is interning for seventeen magazine
"Elle" has hired an agent

They use fake names

Blair= Elizabeth
Elle= Lisa

Do you trust their reviews? Paid Promotion? Think twice.

$250.00 per video that only uses specific products

$100.00 per video that mentions a product and a the link to the website in the sidebar

Information/Links from taken the comment section
"Blair" tweets about interview with newspaper:

Other information concerning names:

"Sad to say this, but I met Elle in real life. We're both gurus, I won't say who I am, but I am more well known than she is and she never mentioned her real name to me. Everything about her is fake, her personality down to her name. It's such a shame, I thought she was a nice girl, but after meeting her in real life, I knew she was the type to use people for her advantage. I won't be speaking to her because technically, she's a stranger to me. It's not about the name, it's her personality and greed that turns me off."

Messages about getting sued:

Article about agent


Paid Promotion?

From Amiclubwears "affiliate program" part of their website.
"Amiclubwear will pay you a monthly commission ranging from 5 - 20 percent for every purchase."

" There are several craigslist advertisements all over the world from sunlove looking for beauty gurus to promote their product for $300-$1000 per video."



  1. does anyone know what happened to this video???


    I didnt get to see it and it was removed shortly after she put it up.
    Im guessing 'Elle' probably sent her one of those WARNING messages threatning to sue her and scared her so badly until she forced her into removing the video by lying once again and tell her she was doing something illegal :(
    poor girl :(
    IF YOU SEE THIS MESSAGE PLEASE PUT YOUR VIDEO BACK UP. Do not give into 'Elle' she can not sue you and you did not do anything illegal. You were not being a hater by just voicing your opinion and its totally ok to repost public articles too!

  2. macbarbie07 rocks just seen her new video she did some fun trick photo with a snap looool

  3. more proof on fake reviews...

    I dont follow them on twitter anymore and I unsubbed but my friend just told me something funny.

    She said on twitter a week or so ago Lisa posted a tweet saying she just self tanned and used neutrogenas self tan and it worked good but it STINKS.

    Then apparently ppl started questioning her on it so what did she do? She deleted that tweet haha

    why is she using a different self tanner??
    In her Sunlove video that she deleted she claimed that "SUNLOVE is my fave! I will never use another self tanner again!!!!"

    hahah busted....again

  4. to 10:33 pm

    "stealth" advertising is not supported by youtube. So if thats what they are doing then they need to be reported to youtube

    It isnt illegal for them to deny being paid; but depending on how they represent themselves and their motives, it can be quite unethical/misleading/even sleazy

    So point being everyone has the right to know about what they do now that there is proof.
    They can keep lying and anyone who knows the truth who still wants to support them well thats fine. But everyone does deserve the truth seeing as how the proof is out.

  5. I always did think there was something "off" about them. They always seemed fake to me and now the pieces to the puzzle have all come together...this all makes so much sense now looking back...

  6. i understand that the whole fake name thing isn't a big deal ... but it's just the way that they are reacting to it that makes me mad. people could't even ask them a simple question about it without getting blocked. i've seen so many emails that "elle" has sent out threatening to sue people and everything. I even saw both of them tweet about suing people all day long a few months ago. They would be nothing if it wasn't for all the people that subscribed to them and thats how they say thank you???? WOW.


    As of December 1st FTC guidelines state that all Bloggers must disclose all sponsored and paid endorsements and testimonials to the FTC

    Fines of $11,000.00 will be incurred for each incident not reported.


  8. elle twitted:
    honestly I think the guru drama is old news - move on people. I don't think ANY guru is doing "false advertising"...


    you WISH it was old news!

  9. I came across this article and I thought of Bitchface & Space Cadet. It's quite fitting of the two of them. "FTC to Fine Bloggers up to $11,000 for Not Disclosing Payments"


  10. everyone do what you can and please spread the word to their subscribers!

  11. http://mashable.com/2009/10/05/ftc-blogger-endorsements/

    The FTC has updated its Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising for the first time since 1980, and among the changes, a requirement that “bloggers who make an endorsement must disclose the material connections they share with the seller of the product or service.” Fines for violating the new rule will run up to $11,000 per post

    So everyone- please be diligent about reporting people like Lisa and Lizzie, and other gurus.

    And for those who thought Lollipop26 doesn't like "Elle" or "Blair"- she tweets to "Blair" and as done so recently.

  12. Oh Lisa, hitting a little to close to home with your tweet of "honestly I think the guru drama is old news - move on people. I don't think ANY guru is doing "false advertising"..

    You may try to come across as cocky and you don't care, but word is getting out and you are starting panic, Sorority Girl.

    Be sure to report the, in regard to the FTC violations!!

  13. something needs to be done!October 6, 2009 at 12:57 AM

    yeah elle, maybe it would have been old news by now if you had come out and spoken about it all honestly and clearly.

    One rant video, which has since been taken down, waffling on about you're fake cat (that story you made up to divert attention) and how nicknames may be illegal, blah blah blah something about xsparkage....

    Yeah seeing as both her and her sister refuse to answer any questions, even from well meaning fans, blocking, deleting things, trying to hide anything that proves other wise.

    The owner of sunlove has actually revealed emails about her fixing the contest and getting paid for her review. Funny how she hasn't leapt to deny that????
    Neither of them mention when they have been sent products, when it's ovbious, they have dodgy stories about how they obtained things, like bumping into people and free coach purses....
    this was a close knit community, two girls who don't even need the money, come along and ruin it for everyone...

  14. I really dont know how they sleep at night knowing what they have done. Anybody else would have just cleared it all up by now and explained everything instead of just crossing their fingers hoping it all goes away.

  15. I can not believe that Lisa and her sister think they are a part of the youtube beauty community. They are not. They are a disgrace to it.

    They are the reason why people started questioning every guru about their reviews asking them if they got paid.
    Lisa is the reason that everyone who made a Sunlove tan video got so many questions about the pay etc.
    They are the only 2 that only allow candy coated fluffy comments left on their pages so that they dont ruin their fake image to companies. Not to mention if someone leaves a comment not mean, just saying something that these 2 disagree with they are HATERS!
    They are the only 2 who have hit rock bottom and threataned their own subscribers and called people haters for simply seeing their first name.
    They are the only 2 who do all these things and never once admit they made a mistake or explain anything.

    They created a huge mess for the beauty community and now they are trying to weasel their way out of it and slide under the radar.
    Sorry girls but it wont happen.

  16. I wonder what they think of FTC's new law starting Dec 1....every blogger is going to have to be honest and specifically state when they get a free product or a payment for mentioning a product.

    from FTC's announcement:
    “material connections” (sometimes payments or free products) between advertisers and endorsers – connections that consumers would not expect – must be disclosed."

    " the post of a blogger who receives cash or in-kind payment to review a product is considered an endorsement. Thus, bloggers who make an endorsement must disclose the material connections they share with the seller of the product or service. "

    Currently by law they don't HAVE to disclose that info but by Dec 1 they will!!

    Also though currently even though they dont HAVE to disclose that they get paid LYING and saying they dont get paid when they do is deceptive and not ok. I will be filing my complaint about them lying about that tomorrow.

    "The Federal Trade Commission works for consumers to prevent fraudulent, deceptive, and unfair business practices and to provide information to help spot, stop, and avoid them. To file a complaint in English or Spanish, visit the FTC’s online Complaint Assistant or call 1-877-FTC-HELP (1-877-382-4357)"


  17. heres some more info commenting on the FTC new law to disclose when free products/pay is received for a review"

    "Consumers are increasingly dependent on the Internet for purchase information," he said. "There's tremendous opportunity to steer consumers to the wrong direction."

    The consumer advocacy group said lack of disclosure is a big problem in blogs. To mainly crack down on companies that give out freebies or pay bloggers won't always solve the problem. By going after bloggers as well, "you put far more pressure on them to behave properly," Gillis said


  18. Another things the FTC demands, any product that is promoted by a person who was enumerated in any manner must disclose that fact to the public. This is to inform the public, what you are seeing is an infromercial or product placement and scripted for financial gain.

    You have to laugh at some gurus trying real hard to script real testimonials of products that everyone must have since it their favorite. Yeah sure they have a new favorite every week. But it is sad because some many young teenagers believe the hidden ads and buy it, "they would lie to me they're my utube friend".

  19. as of Dec 1 all bloggers...which INCLUDES youtubers as confirmed by the FTC....

    will have to disclose EVERY time they mention a product that they got free or were paid to review/mention.

    So for example EVERY single time Elizabeth pulls out that Cliche eye primer that is sponsored she is going to have to say so in EVERY video...tutorials etc.

    If they dont they will get a fine of up to
    $11 000 each time they dont :)
    Believe me they will have so many complaints if they dont that the FTC will be getting alot of complaints on them and will specifically monitor these two!

    It is still unclear if the previous videos prior to Dec 1 2009 are "grandfathered" or if they will have to go back to each and every video and add a disclaimer in the sidebar.

    This is getting good :)

  20. Do the new FTC guidelines apply to video bloggers?

    Its an $11,000.00 penalty per indigression if Elle recieved products for free and dosen't say.

  21. elles been tweeting so much about healthy eating, exercising, cardi, getting a new treadmill (or something)

    i think she read the comment here, which say she is fat :p

    while i dont think she is fat, i just wanted to point out that they do come here and comb through the comments

  22. I always thought they semmed fake anyways. Now its proven that they are

  23. I unsubbed a few weeks ago and havnt looked at their twitter or videos since.
    I think its kinda weird how some of you are so against them yet still check their twitter and still PAY them and watch their videos? You do realize that every time you click on their channel you are paying them right????
    So you are actually SUPPORTING them.

    anyways I am calling the FTC tomorrow and lodging a complaint based on their lies. They have been giving false reviews...its proven for example how Lisa LIED in that tanning video and said the stuff was ot messy does not stain etc etc and thats a LIE. Even if you use that stuff correctly it is STILL very messy and can stain.
    She was paid $4000 and LIED. Im complaining tomorrow about them LYING and I suggest everyone do the same.

    This way the FTC can investigate them for lying and will already have them on their radar for when Dec 1 kicks in with the new law.

  24. Elle getting healthier does not mean that she came here and read one comment that said she is fat. Youtube has MUCH meaner comments than this blog has ever had from random people. Almost everyone has dieted or exercised before without going onto a blog to see that someone else called them fat. Stop flattering yourselves, it seems pathetic.

  25. I just found out that both Elizabeth and Lisa have the same hollywood agent. His name is Richard Frias of Mighty Fresh Media.
    Some of the time he is the one who negotiates prices with companies on what to pay them for a review.

    What kinda agent lets them do the things that they did o_O
    Threatan little girls and stuff....

  26. As Anonymous said above, "So for example EVERY single time Elizabeth pulls out that Cliche eye primer that is sponsored she is going to have to say so in EVERY video...tutorials etc."

    Everyone- be sure to report this every time you see it! So anytime Lizzie mentions her Cliche eye primer, Candles by Victoria, etc and Lisa her Clarisonic, etc etc etc and does not state how she got them- report it!

  27. The thing with Lisa is, in those pics of her from IMATS you could see she was flabby. Especially her arms. And she looked bigger in the Seventeen shoot. Sorry but it is true. She is probably the type that is just as critical as others...

  28. I have to be honest...at first I was like why would you guys even care...get a life!!!

    But now I completly understand. I finally took the time to look a bit more at the situation and OMG I am soooooo mad right now. They threataned little girls and LIE saying they dont get paid and its proof they do!!!!
    Im unsubscribing and telling my friends more about it

  29. they are living this fantasy double life through youtube and their dirty tricks have been revealed now....spread the word to everyone you know on youtube. They can run but they cant hide.
    Making threats, being rude to subbies and lying are NOT acceptable practices for the youtube beauty group or any group for that matter. I am appaled.

  30. they are just too fake for me so I unsubscribed awhile ago...but I just found out about all this and Im not surprised haha

    I dont even find their videos enjoyable to watch anymore ayways. They are boring now.

    I love REAL haul videos and the random few real hauls they ever did have since been taken down.
    Like "blairs" Juicy Couture haul. People were apparently sending her msgs asking her how she could afford all that stuff etc so she got mad and threw a tantrum and took it down.

    HELLOOOOO wake up girls you are NOT perfect and you are going to get criticism you are putting yourself out there.
    I agree those are hater comments when people say things like "you are soooo spoiled you brat" and stuff but who cares? Why would you let down all your loyal subs who never got to see that video who requested it just because you got some hater comments?

    If you cant take the heat then get your ass outta the kitchen!!!!

  31. oh well this blog may be dying, but the words out there
    and if they ever made it to hollywood, (which after this fiasco i doubt) they'd be laughed in their faces then i wonder how many people will they block an delete or try to ignore

  32. ok i have to admit something.
    at first I was thinkig you were all haters and were jelous. Yes I was "one of THOSE people"

    But now a month later I completly get it all. You guys just figured it out alot sooner then me I guess hahah!

    I can not believe them. I have finally taken the time to realize all the proof out there and I am 100% convinced its true. There are FACTS to backup what you guys say and they have NO facts to deny it! Its OBVIOUS now that they are basically the scum of youtube.

    I am proud to say I am unsubscribing. I will not help to support people like them.

  33. The first time I saw Elizabeths you tube I laughed. I used to go to school with Elizabeth she is the most clueless girl you will ever meet.

    I have seen the way she acted toward girls in her grade. Elizabeth is real snobby, if you do not have designer things or your parents are not supper wealthy she wont even look at you. Everyone in my school hates her because she acts like she is better then everyone else. She has no real friends, because she treats them all very badly, and the friends she has are as fake as her.

    I advise girls to not look up to someone that is like that. Elizabeth just needs to grow up before she realizes she does not have any friends in the world except her fake ones on you tube.

    Oh and they are not making youtube videos for the money (even though it does not hurt), their dad is a gynecologist.

    I feel bad for her, I am not mad at her like a lot of people on here.

    So for all you girls that think she is great, she is using youtube as an ego boost.

    Think about if thats the girl you want to be!

  34. I knew they were lying!!!I cant believe they get paid and lie to us saying they dont. Like whats the point of lying did they think they were not going to be caught one day?!

  35. well they got what they wanted they ignored it and nobody (most) of their subscribers dont know bout it and they have 100thousand+ subs on YT

  36. We should all watch the girls similar to Blair, like
    1. morripopp http://youtube.com/morripopp

    2. AllisonLovesMac http://youtube.com/allisonlovesmac

    3. makinupKadin http://youtube.com/makinupkadin

    They all have great videos. check them out! :)

  37. i like how "elle" aka lisa tries to look all smart and brainy going on about exams and A grades all the time and yet she doesnt even know what IBIZA is... fail

  38. I love how Elle is now doing videos for enails, just like Blair did! I hate how they always try to sell us things, I don't want that, I just want to see makeup stuff!

  39. yep I wonder what they are gonna do when that new law starts!hopefully when it starts they are gonna have to go back to all the old videos to and add in the sidebar if they got it free or were paid.

  40. Well I suppose Im pretty behind because I have never heard about any of this until now.

    I saw people saying there isnt proof on this blog so I thought I would have a look.

    What I can see is that they lied about their names to everyone (not a big deal at first) but then they chose to let their real names go out to the public in articles that are on the internet.

    People obviously have the right to read anything on the internet and even repost it so for them to have threataned to sue people and scared people and calling people haters makes me sick. And to this day they have never even admitted to using a nickname either...bizarre.

    I also looked at another blog and its quite obvious that Lisa Fowler was paid by Sunlove for her review and alot of $$$ at that. For them to receive a payment and then flat out lie and say they havnt is disgusting.

    Not to mention that it looks like they have never addressed any of these claims meaning they are true. If they were not true they would have jumped up and set the record straight but since its all true...well they cant now can they.

  41. whoever is monitering this blog you need to do an update of the info. I just read thru some comments and I actually found alot more info and alarming facts and proof in there then on the main screen of this blog.
    You should add new info/proof to the front of the original blog so people will see the info.

  42. wowowee I can not believe them!!!!

  43. the law in America is innocent until proven guilty......well guess what for all you out there who think they are "innocent"....they are not...they have been proven guilty.
    The proof speaks for itself about what they have been up to.....not to mention they never denied any of it!

  44. What I find soooooo weird is how they freely give out their last name but try so bad to hide their first name!

    Like how Lisa gives out her last name all over the place but then scrambles to have the first name of Lisa changed in that article before anyone else saw it! Like whats the big deal? Why cant she just say my real first name is Lisa but I like to go by Elle. Its so weird :P

    Like how Miley Cyrus will just say "my birthname is Destiny but I only go by Miley" and nobody cares.
    Its their constant lying that I find strange. "My real name is Elle!" weird! :P

  45. wtf is this??


  46. anyone else think it was interesting that elle openly gave her last name on twitter the other day? she said her username for farmville was "elle fowler"

  47. omg i cant believe them! i cant believe they have been lying!!! tell eveyone! im unsubscribing right now and if they ever make it famous I will be laughing along side of the majority of everyone else lol

  48. macbarbie makes me sick.
    everything she does, she just wants to become like blair.
    don't tell her that though, she will take it as a compliment.

  49. I am sick of their paid/spnsored product commercials. Just like I just watched their new vides and Elle did a product placement for that Zoya nailplish and linked somerandom little company with an affiliate link in the side and Blair did one and ohhh amazingggg she actualy mentioned for once she got that stupid wazooo thing sent to her from the company but Elle still didnt Anyways Im sick of watching commercials soIm gonna stop watching them now.

  50. I have always thought something fishy was going on with them. I think this another one of those lonelygirl15 plots.

  51. HOw can ayone do this stuff to the people who lk up to them????
    I just read that newspaper article linked here and Blair herselfsaid she wanted to be a rolemodel!! Was she kidding when she said that?What kind of rolemodel lies and is mean to the people who lok up to her?? They have both gone mad if this is what they do to their own fans.

  52. I can see them thinking it was a good idea in the beginning to use fake names because they didn't think they would become huge on youtube and that little things like their name wouldn't matter. Now that they are trying to make something out of themselves, it does matter. They were caught in a lie and had to pick between marketing themselves and getting money, or keeping a low profile on youtube.
    They choose to put themselves out there even more, and it is their fault this has all gotten out.

    It is really funny now that you think about it, how obvious their fake names are. They went through so much trouble trying to cover up their real names and then they went a blew it because they wanted just that much more fame.

    They have always acted really mysterious and as a result people want to know more about them. Once you reach a certain level of "fame", people are going to want to know stuff about you. You can't really avoid that, and they shouldn't be flipping out a people who ask simple question like if they live in the state that the glitzy-glam products are shipped from.

    As for them getting paid to say good things about brands and products, I believe it. If it's on legit news sights, who are not looking to add flame to the fire (because seriously, why would abc news care about minor youtube scandals).

    It bothers me because they insist that they don't get paid for doing these reviews, when it's obvious that they are. Especially with "Blair" because she is only 16. No normal 16-year-old would be able to afford all the crap that she has. Even between having a part time job (which I'm assuming she quit, or it never existed in the first place), an online store and rich parents, it would be hard to accumulate so much in so little time.

    I Just found out about this a couple of days ago, and I've been watching their videos for months now. I think their subscribers should see the article links and judge for themselves whether or not they want to continue to subscribe. It is not fair to use people like that and not be honest with them.

  53. This is absolutely repulsive. I am not a hater at all, but this is unacceptable. People keep going on and on about their names and stuff. who cares? the fact they use fake names on the internet doesent matter. half the time, i use a fake name over the internet. but what matters is, the collecting money from companies about reviews. Reviewing means that you are stating your thoughts and observations about that certain product, not saying th product is great just becuase youre getting paid for it. "Blair" and "Elle" will have to come clean one day-because Obama is passing a law on bloggers that review a product without telling their viewers that they are getting paid for it. Also-the messages about sueing need to be ignored. You can't sue someone like that that you don't even know their identity. With the advanced technology we have today- anyone could say that to you, but can it happen? no.


  54. I think they made up characters for youtube. I mean more then just using fake names but I think their whole personality and everything is fake and its all just a scripted act written by their hollywood agent. They act out these characters because they appeal to the young impressionalble preteen crowd. They can make the most money of that naive age group.

  55. lol
    elles at it again!
    well i dunno abt hollywood
    but since billy may died she can take his place!
    billy may the pitchman ;p

  56. I unsubscribed to both of them. I didnt even watch their videos very often anyways I find them boring and not very creative. It doesnt seem like they can even come up with any ideas of their own they just get them from other people or magazines when they dont do product reviews.

  57. is it true that they even made their little sister lie about her name too!!!???
    omg that little girl must be so confused. It reminds me of that movie with Jennifer Lopez where they asked that little 5 year old "whats your name cutie?"and she replied " I don't know" :(

  58. they are being safe. i wouldn't want a bunch of crazies knowing my real name either.
    Also that is in other interviews...
    Also for money, why was the whole "proof" picture with the letter from blair not shown?
    it doesn't matter what they make either.
    would you want to be paid after you spend a lot of time and money making videos? i would.
    do you even realize how easy it is to make "proofs"
    get over it. this is not a big deal.
    i guess everyone would love to have stalkers who know everything about you.

  59. I dont think they realize this but by all of a sudden starting to ignore this is not going to make it go away....
    they are just digging themselves deeper and deeper. They just dont see that yet I suppose. Well they will be in for a very rude awakening one of these days and I can guarantee they will regret not just explaining everything as soon as it all started.

  60. ughhhhhh who does something like that!!!!!

  61. So, this is what "Blair" says on Twitter:

    "just found out texting while driving in my state is illegal. UHH OHH! well, is twittering while driving still allowed? ;)"

    Seriously??? Goodness, this girl is a ditzy dumbass. It isn't remotely funny. Innocent people die because there are idiots out there that text and drive. The car isn't a place to multi-task, it's a privelege. It isn't harmless and God forbid someone caused an accident that harmed her or her family because that person chose to give into their ADD and couldn't wait to use their phone or text . There are children and babies in cars who haven't had a chance to live out their lives, whose lives are taken by wreckless filth that decide to get in their cars and throw caution to the wind. Since she's going to get her pilot's license, does she think she can text and fly too? Get a clue Elizabeth/Blair and stop being so dense.

  62. This is just childish.
    So what if they are using fake names? its the internet you can used fake names, nicknames or whatever. Is their right to conceal or to share whatever they want.
    So what if their getting paid to promote products? Hello! most of the gurus on YT does it. Even if they don't promote anything they still getting paid to be on YT. If you don't like the product, don't buy it! People have brains. Use it! You don't HAVE to buy every single product they promote.
    Just think! Not just follow!
    This shouldn't even be an issue.

  63. If they were so concerned with safety then why do they keep pimping themselves out for interviews and all that shiz? Not that the name thing even really matters, I just hate how egotistical and greedy they are. I've never like them and have never subscribed to them and could never understand where their popularity came from. When I first came across the youtube beauty community and saw one of allthatglitters videos I was thought 'wow, what an annoying spoiled brat' then discovered her sister and thought 'oh, and here's the annoying little sister trying to copy her big sister'. I guess it's the whole metality with teenage girls envying the popular girl in school who has everything and is desperate to be just like her but I'm glad I can see through people like that. And regards to them not getting paid to promote products...if someone is giving you a promo code and telling you to enter it at checkout its because they're getting commission on it. Use your head.

    I guess what I'm trying to say here is that it's not that they chose fake names, and its not that they get free products, or that they even get paid to promote products. Its the greed, lying, and decietfulness. Like they make such a huge point of stating 'I do not get paid for this, I buy these products with MY money' (which I might add just comes off as gloating about how they have so much of their OWN money because they know the average teenage girl does not).

    Anyway, enough with my ranting. They aren't a success story, they didn't build up their little business from the ground with nothing, its just a classic case of the rich getting richer. Give credence to the talented, honest gurus who deserve it. Not two ameteurs who regurgitate everyone elses material and call it talent.

    Well there's my rant for the day, I'm done.

  64. Honestly none of this surprises me. They always did see fake anyways and I dont know what people see in them.

  65. They are who they are and they are liars. Nothing can change that. I do feel people have the right to know about them though and decide from there is they still want to support them.

  66. I just can not believe them!!!!
    They dont change either...even when they do a tutorial they have to link companys that pay the or sponsor them like WTF

  67. they are cowards they cant even admit they made a mistake and just explain things. Cowards run away from things and thats what they are trying to do.

  68. I cant believe them. They make so much money from us and then when their one year anniversary comes they cant even buy their own prizes to thank their subscribers. They had to use the free sigma brushes and coastel scents palletes that they got. Shows how thankful they are that they have loyal subscribers.

    They dont even spend one penny in their own personal contest where they say they are having it to say thank you. They shouldnt have called it an annivery contest it should have been called what it was...a sponsered Sigma brush giveaway etc.

  69. update the comments !!!!!

  70. wow this is pretty bad what they did!
    more people need to find out about the, I feel so bad for the really young girls who look up to them. They need to know this all.

  71. Why did the comments stop on here?

  72. btw, BLAIR is elizabeths second name!!!!!

  73. ughhh i am so mad right now!! like wtf seriously??? How come I didnt know about any of this until now AFTER I ordered a piece of crap prouct that they sold. They are slick salesmen thats it. They are now makeup or normal girls. They are not even good at being slick since they have to sink so low and go after naive little girls they cant even try to pitch their salesspeech to people who can actually see whats going on.

  74. well I saw a few videos on youtube about all this and I was like ok who cares they hid their name so what??? But I thought that was all they did. Now I can see its much more then that and I am disgusted with both of them. I then went and looked at their most recent videos and yep of course both of them are still promoting certain products and websites and in both videos they didnt even mention they got the stuff for free or that the websites sponsored them. I unsubscribed.

  75. I just saw Tyra Banks and it was a show about girls who want to be famous.
    I hope that "Elle" and "Blair" watched it.

    Basically the girls on the show reminded me alot of them. No real talent, pretty but will never be models because they dont have the required criteria etc. They all had very low selfesteem and felt that they needed the validation from tons of followers/fans telling them how pretty they are etc to make themselves feel good.

    These 2 cant even handle youtube so they would NEVER handle real fame.
    They are not even strong enough to handle what they have now and the real fame hasnt even happened yet. They will never become famous with their current attitudes.

    Famous people have to deal with the tabloids and all kinds of haters. Famous people will quickly clear the air and explain the truth to people so that their fans can hear from their own mouth what the real deal is. These two run and hide and hope it all goes away because everything being said about them is the TRUTH and they are not even strong enough to admit it. I really feel sorry for them to be honest. Yes they have all kinds of fake internet phoney "love" but in their real lives I bet you they feel very alone and have low selfesteem.

    I am comforted in life by my boyfriend, my friends etc. I dont need to drive a BMW or have the newest LV purse or MAC eyeshadow to determine my self worth.

    I feelsorry for them but at the same time they really have done some horrible things and the fact that they refuse to explain or apologize is pretty much the worst thing they have done yet. I hope more people find out what they have done.

  76. They're very amateurish compared to other gurus. Especially the wide one with the skinny arms and legs, maybe that's why we only see it's face floating around the screen, kind of creepy for kids to see without supervision.

  77. yes the new FTC guidlines apply to video bloggers as well. So they will all have to start disclosing all of their relationships with companys who they market products for.
    Don't be surprised if you see Coastel Scents, Ulta, Clarisonic etc pop up under their list of companies that sponser them.

    I dont watch their videos anymore but as of Dec 1 I might have a look at them and if they are not saying every single time they get something free or paid or which companies sponsored them I will be reporting them to the FTC. If these girls are specifically brought to the FTC's attention trust me the FTC will and can punish them with fines of up to $11 000 each and every time they "forget" to mention this disclosure.

    Its so obvious that almost every video they do that talks about products either in tutorials or reviews or "monthly favorites" or "hauls" or "style tips" etc videos that they got the product for free,possibly got paid etc. Just look at "Elles" nailpolish review "fall favorite nail polish" or something. She clearly got that for free and is linking the company that sponsored her. MANY websites sell Zoya nailpolish so where else would she have got this unknown website to link to go and buy it from? With an affiliate link of course that tracks how many peopleshe sent to their site.

    It truly makes me sick that they have gotten away with all of this for a year knowing they have little girls who trust them and look up to them and think they ust do all this for fun

  78. Just so you all know, I discovered this blog recently , I knew about all this when I started making videos, it is very obvious, I studied advertising in journalism in highschool,

    A- yes MOST gurus ( not myself included) get a product for free to review it
    B- HONEST gurus like MissChevious will say if they got it for free and if they are being paid etc. MissChevious doesn't even get her palettes form Coastal Scents
    C- PLEASE don't start not trusting us all, I promise there is a lot of honest gurus, both the popular ones and the ones just getting started.

    Also I do not subscribe to Elle and Blair , or ANY of the gurus mentioned in teh Seventeen article, it was JUST TOO IRONIC that the girls who were chosen were ALL stereotypical Girls ( The lating girl DulceCandy87 *who also is KNOWN for her little "hauls" from random places on teh net; XxSparkagexX who is the typical "punk rock" girl who all of a sudden stopped making videos, she like never does hauls and seems pretty honest but she doesn't seem the same anymore, plus she did A LOT of Coastal Scents advertising in the beggining; you have "Blair" the young teen ( of course we all saw that SLUTTY Amiclubwear video) Elle the dorky ditzy blonde guru ( who was probably interned at Seventeen and handpicked all the featured young ladies) MichellePhan the asian girl, and any other sterotype you can throw in!

    So should you unsubscribe to these girls? I don't think so, if you enjoy their tutorials or find something interesting, hell watch it! Its there for a reason!

    But however I would NEVER EVER trust any review out of these girls mouths!

    I deleted my review on the Hugelipsskinnyhips lipgloss but the comment from Purple Lab is STILL on my page


    I HATED the product, it was awful it was sticky and burned my lips. Also it didn't have NEARLY enough hoodia in it to alter anyones appetite, such a scam....

    Ok so that is my input, I followed this blog til I had a chance to comment.

    Also Amiclubwear has a section of their site to apply for their sponsorship, they offer anywhere between 5% and 20% profit to the guru depending on the amount of customers they recieve from the guru ( that is why they have those crap coupon codes for like 8% off with their name in it it is to identify the customer by the guru) Also e-nailsupply is another company sponsoring the sisters.

    Also there is a site called Glamourdolleyes that does very OPEN sponsorship and even has an application on site.

    Oh yea and all the clothes from amiclubwear you can find downtown because they are imported from china (horrible quality)

    Um yea I think that is it, check out this link that was twittered to me

    ALSO take caution when purchasing ANYTHING online. I only trust certain sites and don't take any of the girls mentioned in Seventeen seriously, espcially he ones like elle, blair and dulce who are notorious for their "hauls"

  79. Whatever did you guys see the IMATS video? Elle is a huge monster! lol she is like 6 foot tall and 170 lbs. And her sister is all small and skinny. Anyway yea I think she does read every comment here thats funny though considering she tries to act all cocky and confident but really she has nothing to be cocky about. She is actually not very pretty, elizabeth is really pretty but elle us ugly.

  80. When Elle got that camera, it all just went downhill.

  81. Though we disagree, I think respect needs to be held and false accuations need to be put aside. I respect your opinion. However, they are pretty much over it. Honestly, I don't really see another 'rant' video because they both've got 100 000 some subbies. This blog hasn't really reuined their career.

    I'm a little mad about the whole money thing, but it's done with. We keep fighting here, and they just keep making videos. Though that whole cliche eye thing is getitng SUPER annoying.

  82. Let's say this blog was made about you. Talking about EVERY single one of your flaws, problems, and short comings. Would you like that?

  83. I feel like such an idiot :(

    I looked up to them so much and now I find out they have been lieing the whole time :(

  84. "Elle Fowler should admit the truth and stop lying or we can easily show you the cashed check. Our Video was bought and paid for and we think it should be returned. "

    Written by Sunlove on their youtube page.

    FACE IT GUYS she and her sister AREand have ALWAYS been paid and have always lied and said they have never been paid. They are liars with a capital L.

  85. lol it makes me laugh how some people defend them saying NO THEIR REAL NAME IS BLAIR AND ELLE haha wow some people are just really naive or in denial I guess. Kind of like how little kids defend Santa NO THERE REALLY IS A SANTA HE REALLY DOES EXIST

  86. Both scam artists, greedy liars. They threatened young girls who looked up to them but didn't know enough to be aware of the 'stealth advertising' tactics of these fake, money-hungry sisters. It's all gone to their heads. I love how they act so 'rich' too...your dad's a doctor, so what, so is mine!...doesn't mean we're all so materialistic and plastic because of it. They flaunt it like it makes them feel better about themselves. Childish stuff.

  87. I just found out about all this from Queenbeeuty's blog about it. I must say I am shocked. I have only read a few comments so far but I did see one saying we are jealous of them haha that made me laugh. Im not jealous but I will be unsubscribing and forwarding the info off to other people so they can find out.

    Do you know queenbeauty? look at her blog about this. She is GORGEOUS and so friendly and honest and has a sweet boyfriend so I dont think shes jealous either :)

  88. ummm is this blog still active? I posted a comment about a week ago and came back today and I see my comment is not up and nothing changed?

    Wow maybe Elle and Blair were able to scare this blog owner into not posting any more comments???? If thats the case that is soooo sad because so many people were just finding out about all this. What a let down that people tried so hard to direct people to this blog to get the truth only to have the blog owner F OFF.

    TO the blog owner: if thats what happened please dont be scared they cant do anything!Other people need to be able to read the truth and comment their opinion!

  89. Ok this is not ok. we need to somehow figure a way to tell everyone.


  91. Hmmm, I feel pretty betrayed to be honest. But then, I guess it just goes to show that you can't just trust people becuase you see them online. I can understand exactly why they hid their names, locations etc. What really pisses me off is being paid for reviews (because duh every paid product will be great!). I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing- companies are the ones who are to blame here! They used two girls on youtube to promote their items- yes, it is questionable that the girls did promote items whilst being paid and yes, it may be dishonest as hell but come on..... if you or I were on there, we'd probably do the same. I don't think they lied about anything- they just chose not to disclose certain information.
    The point about Lauren Luke is quite thought provoking- hmmm, a mua trying to pass as a normal girl? pretty selfish but again, money makes you do some silly things.
    I don't think these girls will lose many fans/ custom on glitzyglam- they have created a pretty good following and to the average 16 year old they are cool as hell!
    I am pretty disappointed though that I placed an order on glitzyglam to 'help' two aspiring youtubers. This doesn't mean I won't order from there again.
    Don't hate them, commend them for what they have achieved, if there is anything to hate it's just that they didn't disclose all information and that is entirely their own choice. Blair pulling out of blogtv isn't surprising, I'd probably crack if my 'secrets' were being revealed on the internet!

    Anyways, peace!

  92. Seriously... let them have their fun. I still enjoy watching their videos, and so do other people. If you don't like them, don't watch their videos. Plain and simple. Don't accuse them of anything and don't try to bring them down. Their personal lives have absolutely nothing to do with you.

    I don't know them personally and am smart enough not to trust someone whose videos I watch in my free time. Needless to say, I don't feel betrayed. This site is pathetic, I hate the fact that I even came here... too many jealous 12-year-olds and too much negativity.

    As for Elle and Blair, if they ever read this, keep your heads up. Just remember that all of these people wasted ridiculous amounts of time on here for nothing. You have more subscribers now... so are they making a difference?? Obviously not...

  93. I just saw Elle's twitter... I'm sorry, but that girl is seriously deluded if she thinks she is a size 2.

  94. No offence to anyone who does watch their videos, but I've seen people who have better videos, but aren't necessarily "famous" on youtube. What about 90% of their subscribers are preteens. There are much better videos that occupy your time better.

  95. can someone explain to me how blair can go from about 64,000 subscribers to almost 130,000 in less than 24 hours? her latest video isnt that good

  96. does any one post in here any more?

  97. they used fake names 2 protect themselves plus why r u sad enough 2 go and look for all this info anyway !

  98. Blair was just on an Australian TV show- guest spot!

  99. hey I am from australia and i swear i saw blair/elizabeth in the tv show home and away can anyone confirm? I know she wanted to be an actress and was mia for a while....

  100. haha wow I wonder if they thought they would never get caught lying to people????? and now they expect it all to just go away and have people forget about it??

  101. all I can see is that they have done some bad things and now they are being worse by trying to hide and hoping it all blows over.....

    whoever owns this blog...dont give in to them. They WANT you to stop caring and stop updating thats what they have been hoping for all along. If you do that you are giving into them. Why would you do that??

    What they did is very wrong and peopleneed to read this blogand express their opinion and provide more proof.

    TThings dont happen overnight...it can take many many months for people to really start realizing what they did and why it matters and that its not just a name thing.

  102. holy cow!!!! I cant believe them!
    I had noooooo idea! I thought they were just normalgirls doing this as a hobby. omg.I hope more people find this out.

    and about that whole law coming on Dec 1....I find it weird how suddenly after one year of never mentioning they got free things they are now slowly starting to mention this like in Elles OPI winter polish and Blairs Wazooie hair thingie. Like now they realize they are busted and are trying to make it less obvious or something for Dec 1 : /

  103. Blair and Elle probably used other names so as to protect their identity from the likes of you. it isnt a sin to use a fake name of lie about your age its all about safety and thats probably all they care about. if you hate that they charge so much for advetisement and get a share of the profits its simple as, dont watch their videos or buy from their promoted sites. at the end of the day its their lives, let them live it how they want to, nobody dictates you on yours so just piss off and leave them alone!

  104. LOL, I think "Blair" exaggerates her accent. I'm sure she has one of course but i think she really tries to make her voice sound that way.

  105. ok i just found this out and I am in shock! like who would do this?????

    Im gonna pass his on to my friendsnow. They shouldnt be getting away with this and the only reason they are is because peopledontknow what they did. Its not about the fakenamesbut its EVERTHING that they did!

  106. I was looking for a video by juicystar and came across a video on youtube where a girl is talking about this!!!! Then I saw the link to this blog. I am just speechless!!!

  107. "blair and elle" or wotever you names are, i dont think its bad that you have lied about your names, thats understandable if you want 2 keep certain thing private, however lying about not being paid to talk about brands is disgusting and VERY disapointing. i think most ppl would agree when i say no1 cares that you was paid, its jus the bare faced lies. if you was to say from the start "i was sent these to talk about...or they paid me to talk about these products" it wouldnt hva ebeen an issuse.

  108. hey writer! find a hobby! you sound so jealous and hateful.

  109. Oh my God people. They're chicks on youtube that talk about makeup. Really, who cares if they're getting paid for it or not? Their tips/reviews shouldn't be followed like a religion anyways. And as for their names.....leave it alone. Chances are you won't meet them anyways, so why is everyone going on about it? People seriously need to get a life. It's YOUTUBE for heaven's sake. A website with videos on it. Not really something to drone on about.

  110. I love their videos, but it makes me mad that they're such.. liars. I don't mind the names thing, but lying about getting paid? Also, I don't know if anyone else has noticed but how come all of their comments go along the lines of "You're so good at makeup, you're so pretty, I want to be just like you, blah, blah, blah". In one of Blair/Elizabeth's videos, she specifically said that she only deletes inappropriate messages. So why aren't there any hater messages in their comments? Or anything even remotely.. not nice?

  111. Please inform everyone!
    I created a new YT account, wrote a very thorough message linking back to this website, to 15 of Lizzie's subscribers already.

    You can't view her subscribers, but if you go on her channel comments or her videos, you can click on usernames there.

    To everyone that thinks we are "hating", you are far off. This isn't a "hating" issue, it's a moral issue.

  112. You know, about a year ago I started making videos on YT. I always thought it was just a fun hobby, and I loved it. I've been doing it for a year now, and I have 137 subscribers. I know this isn't many at all, compaired to most gurus. But I continue to make videos, because it's something I do for fun.
    I have never once wished about being 'youtube famous' just so I could get free makeup, and make a bunch of money.

    I found this a few days ago, and read most of the comments. I can honestly say I was a little hurt by hearing that I was lied to. The names thing, as weird as it all is, doesn't bother me. Whatever.
    But the fact that I TRUSTED these two girls enough to go out and buy products they were reviewing (all so they could make a few bucks), that's what hurts.

    I don't have a job right now, and my mother is in debt, so I never asked her for money. But I really wanted to try out those Kat Von D palettes Elizabeth was raving about. I spent TWO WHOLE DAYS rolling loose coins, like pennies and dimes, just so I could buy two palettes online.
    Sure, I like them a lot. But it feels like a slap in the face. I bought these, all because of how 'Blair' was raving about them, only to find out that she probably will never even use them.
    I thought it was a little fishy she promised to make some tutorials with them, but never actually did.

    Ah well.
    I learned my lesson; never trust these girls.

    And also, in those facebook photos, one of the girls tagged is named 'Stephanie,' as is the girl who posted the video in which Elle called her the 'ultimate hater girl.' They look pretty similar if you ask me, and earlier today, I had messaged her about it, only to not get a response at all. Though I checked, and she has been online. Maybe I'm just paranoid, but that seems a little strange if you ask me. :/

  113. i cant believe how naive some people are! I saw a few videos on youtube one is by twirler0218 and I forget who the other one is by but you will see it on twirler0218 video as a video response...

    anyways I see all these comments from people saying "leave them alone haters!" and stuff

    wow people really need to realize that exposing the truth when someone is doing something...actually alot of things... that are very wrong is not HATE!!

  114. Ok I see some people saying that the screenshot of the email where Blair asks for money from a company is made up. I highly doubt it is.

    they are paid for reviews by companies. Sunlove Tan Spray even came out to the public in many articles verifying they paid Elle approx $4000 for her to do the review and they had to go through her agent to arrange the payment details etc. I saw 2 articles on it.

    In that review by the way Elle LIED and said she BOUGHT it....just like they have lied in many other videos.

    Her review was also FALSE...I saw it and in it she said the product is not messy,super easy to use, she said she sprayed it over her white outfit with zero staining or mess. She also claimed it was her favorite self tanner ever and would never use another one ever again.
    This is all false because I saw other people review it and their thoughts were very different saying it is messy it does stain and so forth.

    I sent her a message asking if the contest she was having giving out 7 kits would apply to international viewers and of course she never got back to me.
    I decided just to try and enter and spent an hour on my entry and then "poof" magically about a few days later that video dissapeared into thin air with no explanation and no apologies from Elle to the hundreds of people who already entered the contest.

    Things like this are very wrong and I dont even think youtube would allow such behaviour if they knew about it.

  115. wash elizabeth really on tv?? +

  116. I know all the "juicy" details of what went on and all I have to say is:

    First off, I still love juicystar07, Elizabeth "blair" she was really nice to me and she had a LOT of subsribers and i was really new...she gave me the time of day even when there were 5 million people e-mailing her....she even subscribed to me! :-) And so what if she's getting paid? Would you religiously waste your time making numerous of videos and do it with positive energy everyday without a benefit? I know that without money, I wouldn't be motivated either. That's a privilege she got BECAUSE she worked so hard. And I really do enjoy her videos..they are a lot of fun for me lol :) and it's pleasant to look at her, she is a pretty girl

    Lisa allthatglitters21 "Elle" on the other hand, was very snobby from the start...even excluding the fact that i thought she was gorgeous all this time when in reality HOLYYY..her face is okay..but she should really lose a lot of weight lol. And i laughed so much when she couldn't pronounce "Ibiza" she acts as if she's so "in" with everything...and working with seventeen magazine and she doesn't know one if the hottest clubs and hang outs are on Ibiza...LOL and blair "juicystar" didn't know where monaco was lmao...that is beyond embarrasing if you consider yourself to be "on top of things". And why does everyone assume the family is so "rich"? do they have a private jet? their own yacht? do they know all the hot spots in europe? no. Daughters from an aristocratic family would have all that and know all those places like Ibiza, Monaco, nikki beach, st.tropez. They look like they live a comfortable life but nothing, "rich" and far from it. Her mom owns a shi/tty little store that her daughters helped with gaining her more customers. Overall, the family is very average...her dad is a doctor..well big deal. It's a respected job, but it's a very plain family. The only positive thing i have to say is Blair has something special about her. She has such charisma that you can't take your eyes off her. She will go far in life.

  117. what vieo was it where she talks about purple lab and her new coach bags?

  118. I dont care about them using a fake name at first... I do care about how they acted after people saw the real names but I gotta say it bugs me so much everytime I see comments saying "they use fake names for their own security!" "the internet is dangerous" "of course they dont want creeps knowing their name"

    Wake up people they gave their personal details to the press and let it all go online in articles for the entire universe to see. Im pretty sure nobody held a gun to their head and forced them to tell the public all that

    Awhile ago before I even knew about any of this I was looking for a video on them and thought I was on youtube and typed in Elle and Blair...well I was actually on google and do you know what article popped up first? The newspaper article with their real names,city, parents info, school etc.

    Am I a crazy stalker for typing in elle and blair into google and reading one of the first things that came up? I dont think so. So even if 'blair' didnt tweet that article to all those strangers it was easily found and available for public access on the internet.

  119. on blairs giveaway with the soft lips etc etc. the winner was an anonymous no pictures no comments on her channel no videos and subscribed to elle blair. Sometimes I think gurus make up other anonymous accounts and comment on their own video then say that random.org picked them and that way they look like a kind hearted person when actually they didn't even give it to them. Also for blairs contest one girl won it and her entry was so bad. blair said she laughed throughout the whole thing when I didn't find it the least bit funny. They do seem up themselves. I know you guys are going to think I'm being stupid. but I am not a hater I just dislike the choices they made and keep making. I'm more in it for the make-up. I loved blairs party in the usa tutorial and kristen ewart tutorial. elle is talking about getting abs. ok.. thats fine. I am more in it for the make-up though elle doesnt seem to be doing much make-up anymore. I loved elles videos before when she taught the brush painting etc. around then. she looks so pretty and she seems so friendly.

  120. i know it sucks.
    i am really mad at what elle and blair did with everything....
    and i am serious.
    they're liars and thats the truth. :(

    and the worst part is they dont even have the balls to just admit it and move on...they think this will all just go away

  121. Hey anyone here from australia and watch home and away? Doesnt the girl that plays the american exchange student (think her name is abbey) look alot like blair?

  122. i had NO idea their names werent elle and blair!! i feel so.. mislead.. haha. i know its not that big of a deal, its just their names, but wow.. and plus its not just the names thats not the big deal...its...well everything!!!

    and i had no idea elle got paid for the sunlove review or any other reviews.. i feel like theyve done some.. i guess "dishonest" things that people have found out about so what I dont get is why they dont just explain it all so we can all hear their side of the story so everyone can move on?

    them keeping quiet means they actually did do everything that people are saying and I do know that people make mistakes which is ok...but they just need to explain it all not run away from it because it wont go away ever...more people will just find out!!! I bet that over half of their subbies have nooooo idea either

  123. omg I cant believe this blog was made so long ago! because I have been subscribed to them both for about 5 months now and I only found this all out yesterday.

    I just feel disgusted. Like I know its only youtube but for thousands of little girls who look up to them its probably a big part of their life.

    I dont mind if they get paid or free stuff but since they lie and I always heard them say they never get paid thats really bad. And they also use to say they would always tell us when they get a free product but they dont! I only heard them say they got a free product in Blairs softlips and Elles Winter nail polish and now Im sure they got all the other stuff free too. It doesnt matter that they did but why would they lie and say they would always tell us and then not Like they should have never said that at all? And threats? omg
    I just cant believe how many lies they told! Like whats the point of lying everyone gets caught eventually!

  124. I saw "elles" video where it had a keychain with the initial "L"

    Now I know what the L stands for

    L for LIAR


  125. what happened in the home and away episode you think she is in?i will find it for us.when was it on roughly?

  126. I just saw a comment on youtube saying "blairs" most recent contest was unfair

    it said that in her Winner video she claimed to have over 100 000 comment entries.

    But she kept her contest open never writing "closed" on it

    so for almost 2 months past the deadline thousands and thousands of people subscribed to her hoping to win and entered the contest

    She obviously entered all those 2 month late entries in her over 100 000 count.

    That is not fair

    She has lost a ton of subscribers due to this all but the numbers are not noticible due to that unfair contest. She gained like double the subs from the contest and they all mainly subbed to her to enter. Go look at the video its all true. I just did and I am shocked.

  127. just let them do what they have been doing... one day they will realize how much they are making a fool outta themselves LOL

    Id be so embarassed if I were them

  128. If I were Elle or Blair then I would want to keep my name, identity, and stuff a secret. Whoever "researched" this information is a stalker and is probably jealous of them. This was a mean thing to do. Get a life.

  129. to anon at 5:53

    nobody "researched" any information!??
    "Blair" mentioned one specific article on twitter to thousands of strangers. It was an online newspaper and the link is on this blog.
    In that article it gave both of their first and last names, city, school, moms name, dads name etc etc etc etc

    I dont think anyone is jealous of them! What is there to be jealous of? They are pretty girls with nice things and are popular on youtube...who cares! There are tons and tons of other girls just like them.

    I dont make youtube videos and never would. I am however succesful and own a ton of nice things and model p/t when I am not in school. Why would I be jealous of them????

  130. Woah so much drama haha

    and the truth is they caused it all! I mean really who else would let this go on for so long? Any other guru just addresses issues and moves on. They dont try tp run away from it!

    I just heard about all this drama with michellephan too...people were saying she was copying this other guru's makeup looks. Well Michelle addressed the issue from the start! She answered peoples questions about it and even wrote a blog on facebook clearing it all up and telling her side of the story!

    I dont think anyone should "leave blair and elle alone"...they need to be mature and address all these issues and not try and slide under the radar hoping people forget what they did!


  132. I know Im not jealous of the pair! Why would you say that?

    I saw other comments from people like that on youtube and they only ever have 3 things to say

    1. You're jealous get a life

    2. Who cares if they do lie they make great vids! As if you wouldnt lie for money too!

    3. They never lied you have no proof. They just do this as a fun hobby and to help us

    They are in lala land I guess and ignore the proof and just want to believe so bad that none of this is true. Very sad how gullible some people are.

    They will one day realize there is no such thing as the tooth fairy, the easterbunny or elle and blair.

  133. I'm annoyed with this whole thing. There's this whole BeckaofSweden Scam thing going on now. Also, Sonia (sccastaneda) and Sarah (Sardun1)are in cahoots with Darian Braun of Sunlove. I mean really, they're nice, but c'mon, we're not stupid. Sunlove had the contest for $5000 and a trip to NYC and now Sonia is flying there today to meet him,and Sarah is to follow. Sonia is kinda shameless in plugging/promoting. She's calling it a business trip, so what, are you going to be the next face of Sunlove? I take youtube for what it is, but I can't stand some of these people who are no longer credible and insist that everything they say and do is genuine and honest. All I have to say to all of them is "Bitch, Please!!!"

  134. does anyone have any screencaps of Blair in Home & Away? I cant find it anywhere.

  135. getting paid to do reviews really bring bad names to the whole beauty community, especially to bloggers and gurus.

    And Im kind of tired of people say things like "if you are given the chance, you would have taken the money too."

    NO, truth is not everyone of us is greedy like that. Personally, I have been offered money before by PR company to do "reviews" for their products. I refused them and told them that I DO NOT accept money compensations, but Id love to do an honest reviews if they like to sent me some samples to try.

    When sometimes pays you, there is no way you are say honest things about them.


  136. Hi guys so I found this blog last week and have just had a chance today to read over alot of the comments.

    Im going to write a very long message to tell you my thoughts....

    I completly disagree with lying claiming to never have been paid when there is proof that they have. Thats scamming people.

    Also, why on earth would they have even bothered saying "Any time I get a free product I tell you guys" because they do not do that. Sure they may have said it a couple times but not everytime and thats very obvious. So that is now 2 lies that can be proven.

    As for false reviews I do believe they do this also. Maybe not all the timebut definatley some times.
    I saw Lisa's sunlove video and it seemed like a very false review how she claimed the product was so simple to use and said she even sprayed it over her white outfit with no mess. I saw other gurus review it as well and all the ones saw claimed it was messy and recommended using it only in the bathtub.
    Lisa also claimed it was her all time fave self tan product. Then the video was removed not long after. If it was her fave tanning product why did she remove the video...especially with no explanation to anyone who just went and ordered it because of how much she raved about it? Also no explanation to the people who entered the contest she was having for it.

    I also disagree with the warnings to sue when there is nothing to sue for.
    I find it rather odd that they never have once come out to say " I use a nickname " even after all these people saw their real names online in articles? Im sorry but that makes absolutley no sense to me. I can understand maybe at first when they started youtube they wanted a fake name. But after they chose to let the public see it in online articles and then still never admit to using a nickname is just weird.

    I honestly dont know why they have so many subscribers....I mean they can be entertaining at times and a few of their makeup tutorials actually turned out really good but thats it.
    I was subscribed to them before I found all this out so I did watch their videos and did really like some but most were just ok and then it all went downhill when all the videos were product reviews or sponsored product hauls.

    There are way more pretty girls out there with better makeup skills and are more entertaining with not very many subscribers.

    We all know now that these 2 use the same hollywood agent and michellephan is also listed as a client to this same agent on his website profile. Maybe a person really does need an agent to get "big on youtube"?

    Anyways here are 2 of my favorites to watch. They are both alot more gorgeous then these two and are honest and genuine and you can tell they do care about having loyal subscribers and not just thousands and thousands of random people who subscribed to them because they had a contest featured on youtubes homepage for months.

    They also both actually do request videos and actually do videos that they say they will....room tours within weeks of request, outfit of the day etc.
    ===Queenbeeuty - she also wrote a blog about the elle/blair drama which is where I found all this out

  137. They should just tell everyone their side of the story. That isnt very hard to do. Well for them I guess it is. Some people have problems admitting they have made mistakes I guess.

  138. i remember seeing a video a long time ago where blair said the people at her school thought she was a weirdo for making youtube videos putting on makeup

    well if i ever saw a girl from my school who everyone always knew as elizabeth or lizzie and then I saw her on youtube one day pretending to be some girl 18 year old girl named blair i would think it was weird too honestly...

  139. Someone should really try to find that episode of Elizabeth on tv!!

  140. where did you see that her name is Elizabeth Laura o_O

  141. who cares what tv show Lizzie was on???

    Let her have her fun while she can...it wont last very long especially with her attitude of running and hiding from accusations

    Shes got a pretty face thats it. Average body. No biggie. I see girls like her everyday.
    i see a million more beautiful faces daily working as a booking agent at a top modelling agency in LA.
    She will never be a model or a big time actress. Also she would NEVER last a month in LA.
    Let her enjoy her "extra" role because she will be seeing alot of "extra roles" in her future and thats it...nothing major. I know what hollywood wants and she is not it. Im not saying she wont go far in life but she will need to rethink the whole acting/model thing first. She just doesnt have what they look for. No offence.

  142. wait so there names not really Blair or Elle???

    paid to review??? omg
    I only saw them say they dont get paid??????
    why did they say these things?!

    where can I see this red rant Blair did??

  143. can someone put a screenie of the home and away episode elizabeth was in please

  144. I totally agree with nov 3, 8:05.
    She does not look like a model, nor actress.
    She will not make it that far

  145. I'd like to see if it was Elizabeth in H&A, just out of curiosity. Anyone give a recap of the episode? We're 2 weeks behind here in the UK so I don't think it will have aired yet..

  146. what the fuck are you guys on? elizabeth was never on home and away.

  147. Meganheartsmakeup had an update video, and was talking about products that she was sent and wanted to review. One of them was a kat von d palette... That "Blair" suppossedly saved for. Obviously not!

  148. well Im gonna unsubscribe. I loved to watch the videos but thats ok because there are many other people that I love to watch and get make up tips from so I wont really be missing out on anything by unsubbing to these liars!

    I know they get paid from being a partner as well so I wont help them make any more money by staying subbed and watching them.
    Ill help honest genuine gurus who actually are nice to the subscribers and actually respond to comments and messages and do requests :)

  149. I can understand the changing of names and their wishes to protect their identity, I can even understand them wanting to make money out of it, if theyre spending so much time on these videos then i would even go as far to say maybe they deserve some reward - its the threatening of others that upsets me. Elizabeth herself has even commented on how she knows so many of her subscribers are so young - so to threaten them with legal action and sueing them is a disgrace. I am just very sad to learn their true nature. I even used to think to myself when watching their videos "gosh there are so many horrid people in the world, i wish their were more people as kind as elle and blair around..." - I feel very stupid now.

    Guess its true what they say - you really cannot trust anyone in this world anymore.

  150. I love how in Elizabeth's tweet last week, she was like, "also. whether i get products for free or not.. everything i tell you is how i really feel about them. none of my videos are false reviews." Ah, so when you said you weren't getting paid for reviews, you were lying. I get it now...

  151. These girls are just two pieces of shit and a major waste of space!

  152. What happened with the Sunlove competition?
    Did Elle rig it so only her friends could win? Is that what was said?

    If that is the case then can we trust any of their competitions?

    Can we trust their reviews?
    Are they even reviews or paid for advertisements meant to look like "reviews"?

    Can we trust Elle or Blair to give honest reviews? Should we complain to the FTC?

  153. OMG lol did you guys see Lisa's october favorites? Seriously could she be any more fake?

  154. in blair's/elizabeth's room tour video she says that her father received his pilot lisence at 17 and on the link where her father is there it says that he got his pilot lisenced at 16! obiously she said 17 so we won't make suspisions and on her channel she posted that she's half turkidh well scott fowler wife is from turkey! coindisidence i don't think so!.

  155. Wow, I'm glad I found this blog. I like watching their videos for fun, but it's hard to watch now knowing they're lying. I don't really care about the names, I kind of got that at first that they just wanted to protect themselves (even though I wonder if they feel weird getting "famous" and in magazines off fake names and what people who know them in real life think of that). But it bothers me about the fake reviews because now you can't trust anything they say. I think you can kind of tell when it's a fake review.. like the Seventeen video "Blair" recently did. It was pretty obvious they asked her to do that/she got paid by the way she was saying it was "one of those good issues", you have to buy the magazine to see the article, etc. I also notice gurus go through a lot of products (which I understand because they're trying to review them), but it seems like if it was really a favorite, they would use it for a while. I like how they claim they're not rich, but they're obviously making a lot of money from the videos.

    One of the things that appeals to me about youtube videos is their blog like quality and how people are just talking to their viewers honestly. It's a nice break from all the constant advertising in magazines, etc. But stuff like this takes that away.

  156. http://i35.tinypic.com/293ufth.jpg

    seriously this image makes me laugh. I mean even the look on her face is fake.
    Fake smile, fake contest, fake review.

    I havnt watched any of their vids in awhile but today I watched her Oct drugstore faves vid and she was talking about self tanners.....hmmmmm I wonder why? Because in the Sunlove review she claimed that was her all time fave self tanner and she would never use anything else again.
    A lie obviously

  157. I see if someone tries to call out the writer of this blog she won't even put up their comment! i posted a very long comment and she didn't even approve it... could it be because what i said was right? yeah maybe telling you to come out and reveal yourself didn't sit to well huh? so i guess you are a coward and are fine with putting other peoples info online but your not fine with saying who you are. typical why even be mad at blair and elle when your hiding.

  158. they are just so fake oh yeh i loove huge lips skinny lips its gonna be my favorite forever!! oh yeah i love sunlove tanner its gonna be my only self tanner i use from now on ! puhlease such liars all for the $$ she even admitted she got the coach bag from huge liops skinny hips ! atleast michellephan knows all her money ect is from youtube without youtube her skincare company would definitly not sell because its way overpriced

  159. and elles video are utter CRAP they suck id rather watch dogs bark than her !! horrible quality painfull voice unappreciative just ew i cannot believe people PAY HER !!
    atleast blairs videos are good ! (more or less)

  160. http://twitpic.com/5ehiy

    Look The Cupp Has An S For Sylvia However u spell that name !!

  161. http://twitpic.com/1iwdp

    The Keychain Has An L on It for Lisa Thats Another PROFF !!!!!

  162. lol omg this is crazy!!!
    I just saw this and I can not believe them
    I mean really why lie???
    There would be no probs if they just say "I use a nickname and sometimes get paid for reviews"
    I guess they just dont have the balls to say that lolllllllll

    its their own fault they caused all the drama

    nobody can put a stop to it but them

  163. what total tool bags. i hate people that go that low.

  164. http://glitzy-glam.com/store/index.php?main_page=popup_image&pID=77

    See this? It's an example product, for Glitzy-Glam.com, the store that Elle & Blair own. And the example just happens to have the name 'Elizabeth' on it. This isn't the only example item on their site that's like this. Check it out, see for yourself.

  165. i think halloween is a great time for a makeup artist to show off their skills and really get creative.
    Every single guru I am subbed to did some amazing halloween looks, petrilude, michellephan,xsparkage,meganheartsmakeup, queenbeeuty etc etc

    haha but not Elle or Blair...they dont have the skills I guess.
    I unsubbed yesterday to them,
    Before I found this all out I was already gonna unsub anyways. Did anybody else see that video where BLair was trying to promote that stupid yazooie thing. Wow. Anything for a few bucks lol
    It was te stupidest product I have ever seen...but aparently her new fave hahaha sure

  166. LISA AND ELIZABETH NEED TO TELL THE TRUTHNovember 7, 2009 at 1:48 AM

    The thing is, when this first came out, If they had simply admitted they wanted to go by different names for You tube, I think most people would have accepted it and moved on, but because they still tried to hide it (AND ONCE AND FOR ALL IT WAS NOT FOR SAFETY, PROVED BY THE FACT THEIR LAST NAMES ETC HAVE BEEN PUBLISHED) people started digging further, more and more stuff came up, their greed suddenly got noticed, AMI Slutwear, purple lab ladies with their Coach handbag gift, Sunlove video and contest removed with no explanation.... there are loads of things that didnt make sense.
    They brought about their own downfall. If they werent so money hungry and dishonest then this all would have died down by now.
    Sunlove printed personal emails and said they would show everyone the cheque Lisa cashed for her video. Funny how she isnt threatening them with law suits like she did to her young subs. Difference is she KNOWS Sunlove wont go running scared, as SHE is in the wrong.
    I hate their lies, constant inconsistancies and greedy attitude.

  167. whats their problem!!!!!!! wow

    they need to seek professional help. If they do not feel any guilt or remorse at all for the wrong they did that is very scary and they need major help.
    Look up a psychopath in the dictionary...the number one characteristic is that they never ever feel guilty for doing bad things.

  168. What different does it make if they don't give out their real names? Theyre just being safe it's common sense! Theyre just beeing sensible geez!

  169. Everyone STOP saying "Blair" appeared on Home & Away! She did NOT, I repeat, did NOT do so at all! Geez, get your eyes checked.

  170. for blairs softlips contest ; it was obviously not given away or given away to someone at purple lab .


    Ellen as in one of the makers of purple lab and purple for purple lab . seriously . that was when i really got pissed . It was sooo fake ):

  171. The creator of this blog did us all a huge favor by pointing out their deception. Their subscribers are the ones that catapulted these girls to "fame" if you wanna call it that. They put themselves out there and we supported them for our own individual reasons. I'm sure if your little sister was at the receiving end of Lisa's threats and all out retardation, you'd be upset too.

    They didn't have to disclose their last name and it's really crazy to think that someone wouldn't find out the truth. I randomly stumbled across their videos, so who's to say that someone that actually knows them in real life wouldn't? There are gurus all over Youtube that state their real names and locations such as Emily Eddington and no one is standing outside her door stalking her. The safety issue is understandable, but after seeing these girls, they really need to get over themselves.

    If I had lied or misled people and were called out on it, sure I'd be embarrassed and want to lay low, but to carry on as if it didn't happen is ridiculous. I tend to want Lisa to clear the air as she is older and Elizabeth is only 16, she knows better. Lisa is 21, that's considered to be an adult, and she should woman up and take 5 goddamn minutes, not even, to address and apologize or make an honest statement to the people that put her on the map and made her a success. That is why she owes us and should show a little bit of civility.

    By simply acknowledging what they've done would make this whole thing die down, it's simple politics. Everyone messes up, but to keep denying it is infuriating when we know otherwise. I just don't think that they realize all we want is validation. I can only speak for myself when I say that if there was an admission of some sort of "misconduct", I'd say Thank You. Two words is all is takes, two words like "I'm Sorry" to receive thousands of Thank You's. Wouldn't the rest of you do so as well? I reall think they'd get a positive response.

    Think about it Lisa & Elizabeth as I'm sure you do read these comments.

  172. I feel bad for supporting this blog, but I do feel lied to. So i'm going to point out the first GlitzyGlam keychain that surfaced. She said it had am "L" or Elle, but now it's obviously it was for Lisa.

  173. A while back when Lisa was in New York for her internship at Seventeen, she said that taking the subway was icky because it has gross people. Well, do you consider doctors, lawyers, stock brokers, and the Mayor who is a billionaire ranked as the eighth wealthiest person in American to be gross people, Lisa? I guess they don't measure up to your standards you small minded twit.
    Also, what the hell is up with Seventeen magazine with all these Youtube gurus? Just this week Sonia (sccastaneda) Sarah (sardun1) and Holly (hollyannaeree) were in New York collectively to be interviewed and featured in an issue. Initially they said nothing, but started tweeting and posting photos on the last day they were there. Why not tell us? What's the big secret? Your subscribers would be happy for you to get recognition for what you do. I just don't understand these "gurus" sometimes. No need to get all cloak and dagger on us girls, we're smarter than the average bear.

    "What a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive."

    And another thing, these girls are not your friends so please stop kissing their asses because it's just condoning their bad behavior. Remember, only a narcissist values a Yes person. A real and true friend welcomes opposition and opinions different from their own.

  174. If they want to be safe they wouldn't have told everyone there LAST NAME repeatdly.

  175. Did anyone see Elle's lastest video: nautical look. She subtly has a "link" to her "Nautical look" which can CONVENIENTLY be purchased on a mug, T-shirt, or poster format from tinypic.com. What a money hungry bitch. I'm sorry but I wish she'd disappear permenantly.

    If anyone wants to buy glitzy glam garbage, please buy them off the OFFICIAL lilly pulitzer website. It's the same price and you won't be supporting those snobs.

  176. Take BeckaofSweden. She apparently scammed a lot of people by doing fake blog sales where she'd keep other people's money and not give them their makeup. She posted a couple videos stating she was sorry. I respect her for that. If only Elizabeth and Lisa would take a hint and do the same thing!

  177. http://i36.tinypic.com/2wdy7ew.jpg


    Ok so I just went to the purplelab youtube and I see all these recent activity comments about blair on their homepage.
    I clicked on the video they commeted on to see what questions people asked them to get that as a reply. Well on the actual video those comments are no longer there from the people asking questions or purplelab's comments.

    I find this very fishy that they would delete them all including their own, so I took a screenshot of the comments on their main page under recent activity.

    First they say blair was not compensated by them.
    Then in their next comment they say she did get the product free (which I guess they dont realize is actually compensation) and then go onto say that she was given a Coach bag by their friend at Coach.
    VERY ODD....people dont give out Coach handbags and not expect anything in return.

    I dont think the company realizes that even if they didnt give her money that does not mean they didnt compensate her. Products count also.

    This also proves another lie of blair because she use to say all the time that she will always tell us when she gets a free product to review. In her hugelipsskinnyhips review she never mentioned one time that she got it for free or sent to her.

  178. Also...I really dont even know if I believe purplelab when they say they didnt pay her in money....


    on their website they clearly state that the appetite suppresent part works because the hoodia is digested...such as through licking lips etc.

    Well in their comment portion they lied to someone who asked a question about FDA approval of the appetite suppresent.
    They said to that person that their product does NOT have to be digested to work so they dont have to follow FTC approval guidelines..... yet on their website they say the opposite.
    I wonder what ABC news would think about the same company they aired now misleading the public?

    It is very serious for this company to lie about the FDA approval guidelines and lie and say they didnt compensate Blair for her advertisement is very wrong. I dont know if she did receive money from them but again PRODCUTS are compensation and purplelab cleary said she received NO compensation right before admitting she actually did...free products.
    Look up the FTC definition of payment and free products are included.

    I wonder how these 2 always get caught up with these kinds of questionable companies ...purplelab, sunlove and so forth
    these companies are helping to expose the truth about them and all the shady things they have done

  179. i would love to know more about "blair" or elizabeth for that matter. when she was doing her room tour she had 3 boxes of birth control in her bathroom closet. she didnt approve of my comment when i asked about it lol

  180. http://i38.tinypic.com/2m30kkx.jpg

    More proof about the company possibly lying. They claim now that they never deleted comments that maybe there was a technical error due to the amount of comments they got. In my opinion that is not true. They only have like 100 comments. People with 100 000 comments never have technical errors with comments mysteriously dissapearing...

    More proof about the FDA thing

    Here they now say "Correct, the product is injested when you lick your lips"
    BUT earlier they said that you DO NOT NEED TO INJEST THE PRODUCT to get the appetite suppressent.

    I dont think I believe them about supposedly "not deleteing comments" etc so why should I belive them that they didnt give blair a pay cheque for her review? and again even if she didnt get cash she was compensated in other ways as admitted by purplelab...free product

  181. There names are very suitable

    just rearrange the letters in Blair and you get b LIAR

    L on the keychain for LIAR

    I am so disgusted right now after reading this

    I personally think its ok for someone to get a free item or even a payment for a review IF THEY TELL PEOPLE and not try and hide it.
    Thats my big issue is the constant lies about almost everything it seems :(

  182. why cant they just say yes i lied to you all ??

  183. lol in elles new video her bigge pic of this looik is titled glitzy scam

  184. Seriously they need to step up to the plate and end all this by just telling everyone the truth from their own mouth. If all this stuff is true they need to admit it and move on. They can not just pretend like it all never happened. There are some serious accusations about them and there is alot of proof so it is not something that will just "go away" unless they make it go away.

  185. Why would Seventeen readers be interested in Sonia (sccastaneda) and Sarah (sardun1)? They are two stay at home moms who claim they are "so busy" yet have all of this time to watch and make videos and shop. Is this who teenage girls should be emulating? They are both so annoying, espeically sardun1, who is so full of herself.

    Regarding Lisa/Elle saying she is a size 2- ha! Honey, if you are a size 2 then so am I. I love how the comments about her being big have driven her to exercise fanatically and post about it. Getting to you much, Lisa?

  186. Wow. Ok, well I sepak for everyone when I say your quotes and excerpts are incredibly unreliable. If you are telling the truth, however, I agree. They have exploited the trust of their loyal fans in exchange for material gain. With that said, this is not the end of the world. What you have done is wrong. You have given out information containing their names, the region they live in and the college that "Elle" attends. You have put their safety in serious danger. One of the key reasons for creating a false name under YouTube is identity protection. Why would they admit to this if they wanted to maintain their safety? Now I'm not defending their actions. If this is true they dont deserve any of their subscribers and I hope their accounts are blocked. But the consequences of what you have done, however, may be disastorous. What if they are stalked? What if they are physically harmed because of this?..because you have provided this information and allowed pretty much anyone access to them. You may have googled a few Acts about privacy and consumer protection, but if they were harmed in any way you would feel the burden both emotionally and legally. I suggest you remove this information, my friend, before this backfires on you severely.

  187. I just want to ask the people who say they dont give out their first name for safety what exactly they mean because I truly dont understand their view.

    "Elle" tweets her last name all the time, she gives her real last name on her youtube facebook, in Elle magazine etc.
    Why is it such a big deal for her to say "hey guys I use a nickname and I choose not to tell you my first name" even though now she may as well just come out and say "as you saw in public articles my name is Lisa but I go by Elle"

    Fafinette, Currentcustom,Fred, Xsparkage, DulceCandy,michellephan,meghanheartsmakeup etc give out their name and location all the time and they seem pretty safe.

    My point is it is not safety in this case since they decided to let the public see that info when they put it on the internet in articles.

    Its just soooo stupid of them to have denied those names and made threats to people after putting the info out there for the public to see.

  188. okayyy so in meganheartsmakeup her newest vlog video called vlogggggggggg of my life or something like that... towards the end she said she got katvond makeup to do a review on.

    clearly blair DID NOT "save up her money" and buy them. BS

  189. Blairs contest ...was it fair??? NOPENovember 8, 2009 at 6:11 AM

    Blairs at it again....deleting evidence.

    Her recent Sigma contest was a fraud. Go and look for yourself.
    In the winners video she announced that she had over 100 000 comment entries.

    The day she announced the winners, it said she had approx 103 000 comment entries on the actual contest video. So at a quick glance it would appear to be all legit.

    Well I looked a bit further after seeing comments about it being fake and saw the contest closed on Sept 4 BUT from
    Sept 4-Oct 27 thousands of people subscribed to her and continued to write "enter me" on her contest. Thats how she got so many new subscribers. She didnt write in the sidebar the date the contest closed nor did she ever write "Closed" on the video so these people that randomly subbd to her to enter probably didnt even watch the whole video to hear her say when it ended they just wrote "enter me"

    She clearly included all the late contest entries to get a count of over
    100 000....nearly 2 months of late entries. That is very unfair. I didnt enter her contest so dont worry Im not mad I didnt win. Its about ethics and deception.

    Alot of other people noticed this too and called her out on it so what did she do yesterday? Now she has deleted all the late contest entries from her video and now the count of comments is down to 60 000 NOT 100 000 entries like she said in the winner announcement. Meaning she included about 40 000 late entries. Thats fraudulent and in real life if a contest did that they would be facing huge trouble. Now shes just deleted all those late entries to try and cover her ass again.

    Can you imagine if the lottery let 40 000 people enter late and still included their entries and one of the late people won? Huge legal issues. Obviously thats on a totally different level but the prinicipal of the matter is the same. Its fraudulent and very deceptive and can not be ignored.

    Youtube needs to be made aware of them as well as everyone else.

  190. More on her unfair contestNovember 8, 2009 at 6:25 AM

    and on another note..in her contest video she clearly stated in an annotation box that you can enter as many times as you want but your name will only be counted one time.

    So even if the 100000 entries came in on time (which they didnt) do you seriously think she sat down and went through 100 000 comments making sure there were no duplicate entries and singling everyones name out and only counting them once? um no

    so to quickly do the math
    103 000 comments as of Oct 27
    MANY people entered over 20 times
    So if she singled everyones names out lets estimate that brought the count down to 80 000

    now that we see she deleted all the late entries and is left with 60 000 it would actually bring the count down to say 50 000 if she singled everyone out
    so any way you look at it she held a deceptive contest which I know in the real world is ILLEGAL. I dont know how those laws apply to a youtube contest but I imagine they probably dont change much.

    Some of you may be reading my 2 long comments about this thinking "its just a silly youtube contest get over it you sore loser" That is not the case at all. This is a very serious matter even if you dont realize it.

  191. I feel sorry for all the little girls who watch them and have no idea that they shouldnt believe every word they say and think tey are friends with them or something

  192. oh well now that person msgd me telling me that her comments are back up on her contest video...so who knows what happened, I didnt make that up but maybe youtube was having probs and displayed the wrong # so I apologize for saying she deleted them. I saw it with my own eyes the number so who knows.

    It doesnt really matter anyways because the whole point is it WAS deceptive. Now that her comments are back up it makes it alot easier for people to see that she included tens of thousands of late entries from Sept 4-Oct 27 and I am pretty sure she didnt go through each one to make sure each name wasnt entered more then once. It isnt ok in real life so why should it be ok on youtube? It was just a ploy for her to get way more subscribers which is fine if she didnt allow all those late entries and make the entire thing totally deceptive/fraudulent by doing so.

    Anyways thats all I wanted to say on this blog and now Ive written 3 long comments this evening. Oh well it helped me pass the time at work

  193. http://twitter.com/allthatglitrs21/status/5507495500
    "Nov 7th from Sponsored Tweets"

    ^ elle is now doing sponsored tweets, LOL
    fucking desperate or what..

  194. who cares if sardun1 is a mom? why cant she be in Seventeen? She has a succesful husband, her own house, and is probably a great stay at home mom. I know when I have kids I want to be a stay at home mom too. Why would I want to work and let some daycare or nanny raise my kid?

    Sardun is naturally gorgeous and is only a few years older then Lisa anyways and to me looks younger then Lisa. Lisa already has lines under her eyes and forehead she looks alot older then 21 to me.

  195. i'm a bit sad, because i really did start to like them, but how can they do all this stuff? lies about so much stuff and not telling us when they got free stuff because most of the time I did think they bought it and getting paid and fake contests and being mean :(
    it all just seems so selfish

  196. Im realy upset over this. I just cant beleeve they would do this

  197. My issue with sardun1 is exactly what I stated-"They are [two] stay at home moms who claim they are 'so busy' yet have all of this time to watch and make videos and shop. Is this who teenage girls should be emulating?"

    I do not have an issue with SAHM. I do have issue with her claiming she is sooooo busy but has time to spend on YT, blogs, traveling to NYC, and spends hundreds of dollars a month on makeup and clothes. One of my best friends is a SAHM and she uses that time to spend WITH HER CHILD. I am not saying a SAHM shouldn't take care of herself but come on!

    It is also sickening how sardun1 fishes for compliments- "people think I have had plastic surgery but I haven't!" Oh pleeeease. So many of these gurus have become completely unwatchable.

  198. Lisa and Elizabeth gave out their "private" information, the people on here only confirmed it. Did you not read the article that gave out a lot of personal information that came directly from them? It was THEIR interview.

    Here it is: http://bit.ly/17kahV

    I think it's great you can go from an unknown person to being widely recognized and have a lot of opportunities opened up to you as with the case of Gurus being featured in well known magazines. Kandee Johnson is a perfect example of that, she is so incredibly talented and deserving of everything wonderful that comes her way. She is the kind of role model girls should look up to. The thing with Sonia, Sarah, and Hollyannaeree is that sometimes these magazines want some pretty faces with mediocre talent to draw in people and sell issues. It's a Win/Win situation, the magazines will be bought by their loyal subscribers, friends, family, etc. and the girls will get even more subscribers/views and recognition by being featured. The numbers don't and won't lie, even if they might. You girls are good at tracking, it won't just be a happy coincidence when they're numbers shoot up, so keep an eye out for that if you're interested.

    Also, they're not going to be in Seventeen, they were actually interviewed by Teen Vogue and spent time with Darian Braun, you know, Mr. Sunlove himself. That's a fact. I'm pretty sure they didn't want to tell people initially because of the whole Sunlove drama and didn't want any backlash. No one wants to deal with that and they're looking out for themselves, like most of you would too if you were in their position. It is what it is, you're all capable of making your own decisions.

  199. Anyone find Elizabeth's facial 101 video a little wierd? Personally, I find it a bit disturbing that she'd film herself getting a facial and upload on YouTube. It's like filming yourself getting a massage (on your face) and posting on YT. If I were here, I'd be worried the vid would attracts perverts or something.