Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Think twice before you trust these two sisters....

To clear up rumors...

"Elle" is interning for seventeen magazine
"Elle" has hired an agent

They use fake names

Blair= Elizabeth
Elle= Lisa

Do you trust their reviews? Paid Promotion? Think twice.

$250.00 per video that only uses specific products

$100.00 per video that mentions a product and a the link to the website in the sidebar

Information/Links from taken the comment section
"Blair" tweets about interview with newspaper:

Other information concerning names:

"Sad to say this, but I met Elle in real life. We're both gurus, I won't say who I am, but I am more well known than she is and she never mentioned her real name to me. Everything about her is fake, her personality down to her name. It's such a shame, I thought she was a nice girl, but after meeting her in real life, I knew she was the type to use people for her advantage. I won't be speaking to her because technically, she's a stranger to me. It's not about the name, it's her personality and greed that turns me off."

Messages about getting sued:

Article about agent


Paid Promotion?

From Amiclubwears "affiliate program" part of their website.
"Amiclubwear will pay you a monthly commission ranging from 5 - 20 percent for every purchase."

" There are several craigslist advertisements all over the world from sunlove looking for beauty gurus to promote their product for $300-$1000 per video."